Leaven Network,  your key to sustainable earnings.

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1,750,000 $Leavens tokens will be minted

  • 1,250,000: Presale (presale price: 0.2 BUSD per Leaven /
    Listing price: 0.3 BUSD per Leaven)
  • 250,000: PancakeSwap liquidity
  • 250,000: Strategic partnerships + Team

Distribution of 250,000 BUSD Hardcap

  • 75,000 BUSD: PancakeSwap LP
  • 100,000 BUSD: Partnership / Marketing
  • 75,000 BUSD: Development

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Tried and tested tokenomics!

$Leaven combines the feats of DAO governance, revenue sharing as well as deflationary mechanics to make holding ever more enticing.

Sustainable passive yields for holders!

Based on the already proven model of yield optimization, Leaven investors will be able to earn passive yields by simply holding their tokens.

Increasingly rare

Only 1,750,000 tokens will ever be minted. After the presale is over, no more will ever be issued.


Q1 2023

  • LVN token audit from CertiK
  • Exchange pre-sale LVN token for LVN token (in progress)
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • First 5000 token holders
  • Build Phase - DApp V1 Dashboard
  • Build Phase - LVN Vault
  • Build Phase - final release of 14 Vaults
  • Deployment Phase - DApp V1 Dashboard
  • Deployment Phase - LVN Vault
  • Deployment Phase - final release of 14 Vaults
  • Reward token holders from Leaven Network's revenues
  • Reward token stakers from LVN's Vault
  • Advertising integrations
  • DeFi Llama listing
  • DappRadar listing
  • Defistation listing
  • Partnerships
  • Rank incentives and rewards
  • 15000 token holders

Q2 2023

Q3 2023

  • Listing on major exchanges
  • Increasing the number of Leaven Network's team members
  • Leadership retreats for Ranks
  • Insurance integration
  • Transak integration
  • 50000 token holders
  • Build Phase - DApp V2 Dashboard
  • Deployment Phase - DApp V2 Dashboard
  • Leaven Network participation in international blockchain events
  • Creating governance proposals - Leaven Improvement Proposal
  • Creating governance proposals - Leaven Signalling Proposal

Q4 2023